Teledu20.htm Conference Calls
Portfolio Consultants in Colombia offered the service of “Conference Calls” which aim to improve both the quality of communication between people – bringing them “to make them feel at the same place.” This communication served to tie and strengthen them-as is, to support and encourage business growth. Why would you settle for just talking by phone when you can watch and listen to your coworkers? If you wish to contact colleagues, clients or branches, this will not be a problem.
This exclusive network of videoconferencing would make them feel closer to their partners through the image and voice. What is a Teleconference? If you are unfamiliar with the term, then Tele = distance, is a conference between several participants performed remotely. This form of communication saves time and money. It can be performed with different methodologies such as:
Videoconferencing Hotline which is a Conference call with Telephone Line (point to point and multipoint)

The value of the service is available to all. You do not need the Internet, only through the screen of your TV and telephone line. Communication is through the phones. It looks and listens interactively. Does not require specialized equipment or special rates. It enables visual and auditory communication between members of videoconferencing and remote participants. It allows companies to maintain permanent links between branch offices, customers or staff training. It allows you to find out the status and welfare of remote locations. It allows you to enjoy the accomplishments and goals achieved by branches, customers, suppliers.

Communication at low cost.
Possibility of multipoint audio conferencing.
Economic use of technology
Easily scalable video.
Enjoys the same advantages of a corporate meeting.