Information on Medellin

Medellin, the capital of the mountain, is a city set on a S-shaped valley, sheltered by towering mountain ranges and privileged by its spring weather. A Medellin whose lands have been occupied by the buildings literally lifted into the sky in the geographical impossibility to grow sideways.

There are 220 districts in total and they split their two million inhabitants. Some are just outside the walls, others are working-class neighborhoods, neat and clean. There are the traditional witness the future of the city in its different periods, with visible signs of the architectural changes that come under the arm of progress. Like the Prado Museum, San Benito, Laureles, Buenos Aires, Guayabal, Aranjuez and many more.

Some are luxurious and stately gardens and broad avenues round with trees. There are also those who seem cribs, onions are planted in the yard and clothes to dry on the windows, or those who grew disorderly, human pace and with the arrival of the peasants who came to try their luck in the city, settled definitely in it and were marked with their footprints, their corner stores, their canteens and engineering workshops.

As a city of fairs and meeting point for industrial excellence of the Americas, throughout the year, the Bella Villa is host to businessmen and tourists who check their benefits. Whether you are here as the star of the Bullfighting Festival of the Candelaria January; of Colombiatex in February, the Book Fair in March, the International Transportation Fair in June, the famous Flower Festival in August with its parade of silleteros or December folk parades, always will see the goodness of this land and the warmth of its people.

According to the source, the traveler arrives at the airport in Rio Negro José María Córdova, forty-five minutes from Medellin, modern and functional. Upon arrival, the left harmonic mode almost cantadito people talking, it makes the visitor feel welcome land, populated by friendly and helpful hosts with a recognized vocation. The other airport, the old Olaya Herrera, located in the middle of the city, is responsible for receiving domestic flights. Just get out of this and even without taking the taxi, Medellin hit shows his face stuck to provincial city, eternally under construction because every day is renewed, a city where tradition is a memory and history collapses unscrupulous.

This is Medellín, a city heartthrob because he knows, as few, and strangers transmit vitality of ever-growing metropolis, with its peculiar sincerity of rough edges, it shows all its faces, their riches, their wants, their values, defects, which one way or another warm up the human breath in the city that will beat beneath his feet, strong, feisty, festive and human for that very reason, for human, you will carry it in your heart.