Flag, Anthem and Coat of Antioquia

The Flag: The University of Antioquia, since its foundation had among its emblems one green and white flag. In 1962, by order of the provincial government made official the use of a flag should have two equal stripes, the upper and lower green white, ie the same as the University of Antioquia. The white color symbolizes integrity, firmness, loyalty, dignity, honesty and uprightness. Green, meanwhile, represents hope, abundance, freedom, faith, friendship, service and respect. Green is the predominant color in the mountains of Antioquia.

The Hymn: The Author of the lyrics Antioquia was Epifanio Mejia, and was music by the maestro Gonzalo Vidal. In 1962 it was officially adopted as the anthem of Antioquia. Here follows a rough translation.

Oh freedom which to perfume,
the mountains of my land,
let my children aspire,
your fragrant essences,
Oh Freedom!, O Liberty!.
I love the sun because he is free,
on the blue field,
Hurricane because whistles,
freely in the jungles.
The ax that my elders,
I stopped by inheritance,
I love her because his punches,
echo free accents.
Despotic tyrants forge,
long and hard chains,
for the slave humble
knees kissing her feet.
I was born proud and free,
on a mountain of Antioquia,
I take iron hands,
because my neck is heavy.
I was born on a mountain,
my sweet mother tells me,
the sun shone my crib,
on a bare mountain.
I was born free as the wind,
of forests in Antioquia,
as Andean Condor,
that from mountain to mountain flying.
Eagle chick is born,
on top of a rock,
always like peaks,
where cool winds.
The Shield

Coat of Antioquia: A matron dressed and adorned to the Indian, sitting at the foot of a hill gold between banana and palm, with a river flowing at its feet, adorning his head with a cap of the French Revolution. The rulers wanted to record not only the autonomy of the new state, it symbolized the golden mountain of wealth and virtue, with the palm, the triumphs and victories, with bananas, abundance, with the cap, liberty and the matron, race Antioquia.